What to Look for When Test Driving Used Cars

The test drive is a very important part of the buying process, especially when it comes to used cars. You want to be able to get a feel for the vehicle and assess your comfort level driving the car. At our dealership, we happily allow drivers to take a car for a spin. Before you get behind the wheel, make sure you know what to look for while you are out on the test drive.

It is important to be free of distractions while you are driving a car, so do not bring along friends or family members unless absolutely necessary. Before you turn the key, ask the sales representative how long you are able to be out in the vehicle. See if you can keep the car on the road for at least 20 minutes so you can really get a feel for the vehicle on both local streets, highways and even a parking lot.

Get in and out of the car a few times so you have an idea of how high or low the seats are and how easily you can enter and exit. Once you are on the road, there are a number of things you can check. For example, note the performance of the steering wheel, as it should respond immediately when you turn. When it is safe, you can check the alignment of the car by taking your hand off the wheel to see if the vehicle moves in a certain direction.

If the features are an important aspect to you, check them. Put an address into the GPS to see how it works. Turn the stereo up to listen for any distortion or rattling in the speakers. Turn on the air conditioning and the heat to ensure they are working properly.

We want you to be happy with the car you purchase, and having a successful test drive is a big part of that. Take the car out on a route mixed with local streets and highways and check things such as the steering and the speakers. Doing so will ensure you are happy with the way the used car operates.

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