We Have the Very Best Used Cars in the Business

So, you've decided on a used car! Good for you! We guarantee that we have the best-inspected used cars in the business. Here are some of the things you can count on.

We have driven every car. Our inspectors like to drive the cars when the engines are cold because a cold engine says more than a warm one.

Will the car start easily?  We have turned the key to check for any odd noises. Also, we don't want our customers to have to turn the key more than once for the car to start.

All of the controls have been checked. We've checked the air conditioner. No one wants to buy a vehicle and then find out later on a scorching day that they have no AC. The lights, windshield wipers, and even the radio are tested.

The transmission is all too important not to ensure that it works perfectly. Our technicians listen for any loud noises and listen to see if the gears hesitate when being switched. If the transmission is manual, we work to see that it shifts smoothly. Driving uphill and downhill in different gears checks the clutch.

The brakes are tested. We find a road without traffic and accelerate the car. Then, we hit the brakes hard. If the car pulls, it might mean it has a loose brake caliper or there's not enough fluid. Also, when you push the brake, it shouldn't sink to the floor. If it does, the master cylinder may need to be replaced.

Next comes the alignment. While driving the car, we take our hands off the steering wheel to see whether or not the car pulls. If it does, we check for front-end alignment issues.

This is quite a comprehensive list. We do all this and more to provide you with the best-used car in the business! Come see us!
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