Simple Steps for Trading In Your Used Car

You have decided you would like a new car, but what to do with the one you are currently driving? Trading your car in to our dealership is a financially prudent choice. Selling a used car yourself takes time and energy, from advertising the vehicle to meeting with potential buyers and tackling the paperwork. Working with us will save you that hassle and it is easy!

The first step is trading in your car is negotiating its value. In order for you to feel comfortable, come prepared. Check with Kelley Blue Book for your car's make, model and year. Know the current condition of your vehicle. Is the recommended maintenance from the manufacturer up-to-date? Does the vehicle have new tires? You don't necessarily need to put a lot of work into the car or get new tires, but knowing these conditions is important in understanding the car's overall value.

After the value of your trade-in has been determined, you will have a better financial picture when shopping for something new. We have an extensive selection of new and used cars to choose from and a team of professionals who are passionate about helping our customers select their perfect vehicle. We also get new cars in pretty regularly, so if we don't have what you are looking for today, it might come in tomorrow.

The final step is paperwork and financing. We close paperwork every day and work with customers on financing on a regular basis. Making this part of the deal a quick and easy process for you is one of our priorities and when possible we will close the trade-in and purchase all at once. All you will need is the appropriate identification information and a little patience.

Before you know it, the trade-in will be finished. Then you can set out on the open road in your new ride, rid of that old car that will be fading away in your rearview mirror.

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