Before you sell your car in BC (British Columbia) privately

Know these things before you sell your car in BC (British Columbia)

Selling your own car may be really time consuming for private car sellers. The quickest and easiest way to sell your car would definitely be to a dealership. You will get a little less but you bypass all the stress of selling your own car. I know how difficult it might be to sell a car privately. When I tried to sell my car privately I was really lost as to how the process of selling my car goes, especially to a private buyer.

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Here are a few tips for you before you sell your car to a private buyer:

  • Print a lien search and a accident history report because people buying your car will want these two things. The simplest way to acquire these two things is through Carproof
  • Do a pre purchase inspection at your local reputable dealer
  • Have a BC registration and transfer form ready
  • Give your vehicle a full detail before showing the buyers
  • Be creative with your ads online
  • Request only to be paid at the bank or with a bank draft
  • Have a Autoplan agent in mind before you sell

Now that you have the knowledge of everything you need to know before you sell your car, we wish you luck with it!

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