Out Of Town Clients

At LP auto we make buying cars easy

Almost same as buying a local car you get the same tax as your province.

You can even trade in your vehicle, get it financed and shipped right to your door steps.

From your first contact with our dealership until years after, our dedicated staff will ensure that your needs are not only met but exceeded. Transparency is a must when buying a vehicle, especially when you are not physically here to see, touch and feel your new vehicle. Our process for out-of-town buyers is simple and effective: we will provide you with a personalized video of the vehicle you are purchasing ICBC or CARFAX claims history, and full disclosure throughout the process.


The process is simple: you only pay the tax of the province in which you live.

If we are selling a vehicle to a customer that lives outside of B.C., we do not have to charge PST if the following criteria are met:

1- The Customer completes and signs a form FIN 440 (provided by us)
2- We, the seller are responsible for obtaining the identification necessary (photo copy) to ensure that an individual purchasing a vehicle is not a B.C. Resident. We must have two pieces of ID as proof of residency. Acceptable forms of ID are as follows:

  • Out of province Driver's License
  • Out of province Medical plan card
  • Utility bill showing the address of service.
  • Vehicle registration. We cannot accept the vehicle registration and driver's License together as it does not prove residency
  • NOTE... credit cards, social insurance cards or birth certificates are not acceptable identification.

If the customer is a resident of a province that has a PST (i.e. Saskatchewan, Manitoba, etc.) we only have to charge 5% GST if the customer is able to provide us the documentation outlined above. The customer will then need pay their home Province tax (provincial PST) when they register the vehicle.

If the customer is a resident of a province that has HST (i.e. Ontario) we have two options.

1- Charge 5% GST. In this case the customer will need to deal with the additional tax due when they try and register the vehicle in their province
2- Charge the customer the applicable HST rate in their province

Out-of-town clients can still benefit from the tax savings you get when trading a vehicle in. Fill out our online trade-in form and allow us to do a full market analysis of your vehicle so we can provide you with a competitive value.

Our shipping department can also make arrangements to have your trade-in shipped to our location.

Many of our clients choose to ship their new vehicle. Our trusted partners have been assisting us for years, and will ensure your vehicle arrives in a timely manner.

We make buying cars easy vehicles can be financed and shipped right to your door.

I have never bought a vehicle without seeing it. How do I know that it is in good condition?

As the Most repairable luxury Pre-Owned dealer of the lower mainland, we provide you with all of the information that you will need to make a purchase decision including Car Proof or ICBC accident reports, Photo of the vehicle you are looking to purchase.

What if my vehicle is damaged during shipping?

Our shipping partners are fully insured and any new damages found after transport will be rectified. Your Sales Consultant will send you a final video walk around on your vehicle after it has been detailed and before delivery so you have record of the condition before it leaves our dealership. Our shipping partners are just that - partners - and we work together to ensure that you, our mutual client, are taken care of.

Do I have to get an inspection on my car once it arrives?

If you are purchasing a pre-owned vehicle and shipping it from B.C. to another province then yes, you will require an out of province inspection. This low cost inspection is a formality to ensure that the vehicle you are bringing in meets the requirements of your province. Our reconditioning standards mean that the vehicle that you are purchasing will meet the requirements of your home province. You will also receive your service inspection via email, and printed copies will arrive with your vehicle.

What kind of finance rate would I get?

We work with a number of financial institutions to ensure that we get you the most competitive rate for the vehicle you are purchasing. A number of factors can affect what rate we can get. Our Financial Services Office will work diligently to ensure we are getting the best rate for the vehicle you are buying.

What kind of guarantee or warranty do I get?

Depending on the vehicle that you are purchasing there may or may not be a remaining manufacturer's warranty. For added peace of mind we can tailor a warranty to your specific driving needs. Our Sales Consultants and Financial Services managers will work with you to ensure you are getting the proper and adequate coverage for your new vehicle.

Where do I get insurance?

Insurance agents come right to our dealership to assist with all of your auto insurance needs. For clients from outside of B.C. that are picking up their vehicle here in Richmond, these same agents will assist you with temporary insurance permits so that you can safely drive home. Insurance is different for each province and it is best to speak with Sales Consultant for clarification.

Where does the shipping company take my car?

Our shipping coordinator will work with you and the shipping company to set up a convenient location for you to pick up your vehicle. We have shipped hundreds of vehicles across Canada over the years and are well versed in this process. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth delivery.

Do you offer protection packages or 3M?

Yes, as a full service dealership we offer many products intended to protect your new investment. 3M, rust proofing, undercoat, paint protection, leather and vinyl protection and window tint are all items offered through our dealership. These items can also be added to any finance or lease contracts.


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