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LP AUTO imports Brand New Cars From the United States for you. DO NOT PAY UNTIL THE VEHICLE IS IMPORTED.

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Importing a New vehicle from the United States can prove very difficult, or in most cases impossible for the average consumer. Even if you find a dealer who will take the risk and sell to you, they will generally look at you as a single deal and will most likely charge you more than they would an average customer.

With LP Auto, we have long standing relationships with our dealers in the US and they know the amount of customers that we represent, so they provide us with their most aggressive pricing and priority selection on all available inventory. This means not only will we provide you with the best possible price our neighbours to the south have to offer, we will more than likely be able to locate your exact desired vehicle.

When we import your new vehicle, it will actually be a new vehicle. Meaning:

  • Your vehicle will have less than 100 miles
  • You will be the first registered owner
  • The vehicle will be an American car, but it will have no history anywhere but in Canada
  • Any government rebates that exist on the same vehicle in Canada, will apply. Such as the ECO-AUTO Rebate on fuel efficient vehicles
  • Your vehicle may have a full warranty in Canada AND the United States. Alternatively it will qualify for extended warranties for minimal cost valid in Canada

As these vehicles are Brand New, most will have a full warranty valid in both countries, however we will advise you if they do not and provide you with alternative solutions or suggestions. Service can be performed at any dealership in Canada regardless if it has warranty or not, regardless of what the sales department at your local dealership may have told you.

The best part about importing your new car from the United States, aside from the price, is the resale value. The reason there are so many U.S vehicle in the Canadian used market is due to the fact that U.S vehicles sell faster than their Canadian equivalents as the prices are more reasonable and generally the desirable vehicles are more readily available. This may come as a shock to many of you, as local dealers have drilled and preached to their customers and anyone willing to listen that the resale value on U.S vehicles are worse than Canadian equivalents. This is not the case.

Resale value can be defined by the amount of money lost between purchasing the vehicle originally and after reselling it. So if you lose $8000 after 2 years of driving car A and lose $5000 after 2 years of driving car B, it is safe to say that car B has a better resale value. Whether the amount you sell car B for is less than the amount you sell car A for, the fact is you lost less money when selling car B and therefore it had a better resale value. This stays true with U.S vehicles. Lets use the scenario below to explain further.

In this scenario, John buys a New U.S 2010 Honda Pilot using LP Auto. His neighbour purchases the identical vehicle but from his local Honda Dealer. As this is a new model, Johns neighbour doesn't receive a discount from the local dealer and the vehicle has no current factory incentives.


U.S 2010 Honda Pilot Touring 4WD:Purchased for $45800 CAD

Total price advantage: $6 210
Johns Neighbour

CDN 2010 Honda Pilot Touring 4wd:Purchased for $52010 CAD

Total price disadvantage: $6 210
They both drive their vehicles for 2 years and decide to change vehicles. They both list their vehicles on the same sales sites and use the same advertising techniques.
Johns asking price: $38 000(total loss of $7 800)Johns Neighbours asking price: $42 000(total loss of $10 010)
As john is asking $4000 less than his neighbour, he naturally sells his car much faster and as he paid much less than his neighbour he loses less. In this scenario, John needs to sell his car fast and prices it really aggressively, he could have easily listed his car for $2000 more and lost less money, as he would still be $2000 cheaper than his neighbour.On used cars, what matters is condition and price. Very rarely would an informed consumer pay $4000 more for a vehicle just because it was built in a factory in the US as opposed to Canada. As this vehicle was purchased new, it would have no records in the US and have spent its entire life in Canada, so essentially it is a Canadian vehicle
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