Exotic Vehicle Import

With the massive price discrepancies in the US vs. Canada everyone knows that importing cars will save you money. On most cars you will save $5000 - $10 000 but are there cars that you can save even more? The answer is yes. If you Import a Maserati Quattroporte Grantursimo Ferrari f430 GTB 599 Fiarano California 458 Italia Aston Martin Vantage Vanquish Rapide Bentley GT Continental Porsche GT GT2 GT3 Cayenne Turbo 911 Turbo Panamera Lamborghini Gallardo Murcielago LP LP560 LP640 Audi R8 Spyder Rolls Royce ghost phantom drophead coupe from the USA you can expect to save $15000 to $30000 over local pricing! LP Auto will import exotic cars from the US for you and handle the entire process. Finance or Lease your vehicle and trade your current vehicle in if needed.

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