Buying a Used Car Can Save You Money

If you have been shopping around for used cars in Burnaby already, you have probably noticed that the purchase price for used cars is often well under the purchase price for similar new cars. Even newer model used cars can be far less expensive than new cars of the same year and make simply because they have been driven. But a lower purchase price is not the only way that buying a used car can save you money. Here are some more ways that buying a used cars in Burnaby can save you money: Lower Insurance Rate

When you buy a used car, the value of your used car is likely to be less than the value of a comparable new car. Therefore, a used car may come with a lower insurance policy, which can help you save money each month when it's time to pay the bills.

Lower Property Tax

Long after you've bought the car, you're going to have to pay property taxes on it. Your property taxes will vary a great deal depending on where you live and keep the car, what the make and model of the car is, how old the car is, what the value of the car is, and more. In most cases, a used car will have a lower property tax rate than comparable cars.

Check for a Warranty

Many used cars come with warranties from the dealership and from the manufacturer if they are less than a certain number of years old or have less than a certain number of miles on them. Warranties vary by manufacturer and dealer, so contact us for more information about a warranty program for a used car that you are interested in.

Check the Engine and Parts

Some people prefer to hire their own mechanics to check out a used car before they buy it. Our mechanics are always available to provide comprehensive and unbiased information about all of the used cars on our lot.

Check its History

Access a vehicle history report by using the VIN number, which is located on the dashboard of the car and on the door. The VIN number will help to uncover any major damages to the car that may have long-lasting effects, such as rust, water, or collision damage. You may want to think twice about buying a used car that has had major damage.

Contact LP Auto, you used cars in Burnaby today for more information about how you can get behind a safe used car that will save you money now - and down the road.
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