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Knowing What You’re Getting In a Used Car

You may not enjoy going car shopping and for good reason.  The sales people may make you uncomfortable by trying to persuade you to buy a car that you may or may not actually want.  Sometimes it is difficult to withstand their pressure and you may walk away feeling as though your voice wasn’t heard or you didn’t get a good deal.  This can cause you to avoid going to the car dealerships because you don’t want to encounter these high pressure sales tactics.  But have you ever thought why you should buy used cars in Vancouver from the dealer?

There are various reasons why you should buy from a dealership.  The dealership will give the vehicles an inspection that the average owner cannot provide.  The cars that come to the dealership are usually bought or used to trade with so are of value and not junked cars.  When you make a purchase from an individual owner, you don’t have any way to guarantee that it is in good working condition unless you have it inspected by a third party company. This will cost you extra money but at a dealership this inspection is already done before it is put on the lot.  One of the greatest reasons why you should buy used cars in Richmond from the dealer is that a dealer will have a variety of cars for you to try at one time. You may have your mind set on a certain car and model.  You have driven it and can afford the year and model you prefer but did you ever think another type of car or even a new model would drive better and be in your price range?

It can be a difficult decision to choose a used car for your primary vehicle.  You want one that is affordable yet stylish.  If you are asking yourself why you should buy used cars from the dealer, you should visit a reputable dealer, like LP Auto  to get some great options and pricing.

Easy Car Maintenance to Prolong the Life of Your Used Car

Buying a used car should be as safe and reliable as buying a new car. However, in order to help ensure that your used car will last for years to come, it is important that the used car in Vancouver you buy is well-maintained. One of the best ways to maintain your used car is to take advantage of the warranty that we attach to every used car that we sell. Using this warranty, you can regularly service your used car and ensure that it will last for years without getting problems.

You can do some things to help prolong the life of your used car on your own – without the assistance of our service department. Here’s a short list of things that you need to consider when trying to maintain the life of your used import Vancouver:

Change the oil

You should always be sure that the oil in your used car is clean and that you have plenty of oil to keep the engine running smoothly. It’s recommended that you change the oil in your used car every 3,000 miles or every few months in order to be sure that it’s clean. Some of our customers prefer to change their oil on their own while other customers bring their cars in for service. Contact us today to have one our technicians change your oil while you wait!

Check the tires

It’s important that the tires on your used car are properly balanced and inflated. If you have unbalanced or low tires, your used car can suffer several different problems. One common problem is that you may not have the best possible fuel efficiency when your tires are too flat. You may also run the risk of cracking your axel if your tires are out of alignment. Regularly rotate your tires to ensure that they have even tread wear as well.

Listen for unusual noises

Many of our customers bring us their cars immediately when they start to hear unusually clicking, squealing or other noises. This habit helps to ensure that they will receive immediate attention to resolve any issues with their used cars. Being able to resolve issues sooner rather than later can help to prolong the life of the car and ensure that it runs properly for years to come.

We look forward to helping you get the best possible car for your needs. Contact LP Auto today to get started or for more information about how we can help you maintain your used car in Richmond.

How to Recognize Quality Used Cars


Buying a used car in Vancouver is a tricky undertaking for many people – especially those that do not have a background in mechanics. Not only do you need to find a quality used car that fits your needs, but you also have to find one that suits your unique budget.

It’s always ideal to have a mechanic inspect a used car before you purchase or make sure that the vehicle you purchase is safety certified. However, if you do not have a mechanic on standby, there are some tips that can help you determine how much care has been taken to maintain a used car in Richmond before you purchase it. Here, you’ll learn the top 3 ways to recognize a quality used car – before you make your purchase.

1. Has the oil been changed regularly?

Changing the oil is one way to keep a car running smoothly and with the best fuel efficiency possible. Oil not only helps the engine stay smooth-running, but it also helps to ensure that the engine does not overheat. One way to make sure that the oil has been changed regularly (and lately) on a used car is to inspect the oil compartment within the engine.

To check the oil compartment, simply remove the oil cap. Look around the rim of the cap and the compartment to see if there is any gunky black build-up. This build is an indicator that the oil needs to be changed, and probably hasn’t been changed for awhile. Remember: when the oil has not been changed, the chances increase dramatically that you could run into engine problems.

2. Have the tires been equally worn down?

Walk around the car and inspect each tire on its own. Do you notice any particular patterns in the way that the tires have been worn down? Is one side of the tire smoother than another? Does one side of the car have smoother tires than another? If so, then chances are good that the car may have an issue with the axel. If the tires are out of alignment, they will wear down unevenly. When the tires are out of alignment for a sustained amount of time, chances are good that the axel will become strained or even cracked.

3. Rev the engine.

You know what an engine is supposed to sound like, right? It’s supposed to sound like a purr, or like hardly anything at all. If you put the pedal to the metal and rev the engine, do you hear any clanking in the engine itself? Are there unusual noises that you cannot identify? If so, then the engine may be having engine trouble that could haunt you down the road. Some engine problems are easy to fix. Others last and last.

Before purchasing your next quality used car in Vancouver, be sure to inspect it thoroughly so that you feel completely comfortable with the purchase. Most reputable dealers will only sell used vehicles that have been fully certified to pass all safety standards. Remember: buying a quality used car in the beginning will help to stave off any issues down the road. Good luck!

When is the Right Time to Buy a Used Car


Are you in the market for a used car in Richmond but are not quite sure if you are really ready to buy a used car at this time? With the economy being tricky to navigate for many people, buying a used car may really seem like a strain on your financial resources. However, it’s also important to consider the consequences of not buying a used car in Vancouver when you need one. If you are having a tough time deciding whether now is the right time or whether it would be best to wait, we have a few things that you may want to think about as you start to make your decision:

Opportunity cost

An opportunity cost is an economic term that basically means that for everything you do, there is a cost. If you choose to buy a used car in Vancouver now, you will have to pay for the used car now. However, if you take the opportunity to wait to buy your used car, you will have to pay for the cost of waiting. Therefore, because every action that you take (or don’t take) has some sort of cost, it’s important for you to weigh these costs and determine which cost is greater.

To help you determine which opportunity cost is greater, we advise you to make a list of all of the costs associated with buying a car now. For example, you may have a more restricted budget if you need to begin paying down car loans in Vancouver.

Then make a list of all of the benefits that will be provided by buying a used car now. For example, you can begin to improve your credit score as you pay down your car loan, you will have reliable transportation, and you will have a solid budget that you can depend on each month. Do the same pros and cons for not buying a car as well. Compare both lists as you make your final decision about whether or not to buy.

Consider financial assistance

Many of our customers can get excellent cars when they need them thanks to our financial programs. Through our financial programs, customers can more easily afford to buy durable cars that will last for years to come – and help them get better gas mileage than their current cars. Plus, we also have a trade-in program that may be an option to help you save more money.

We look forward to helping you get the best car for your needs when the time is right for you. Contact us today to learn more about how buying a used car now is possible and may be right for you.

3 Tips to Help You Make the Right Decisions When Buying Used Cars

Are you in the market for a used car in Delta but aren’t sure where to begin with your used car search? Many of our customers have not been in the used car market for several years, which means that they may not be up-to-date with some of the information that is out there regarding used cars. These days, you may be surprised by the features and options that come available on many used cars that may not have been available when you were last in the used car market.

Here are 3 tips to help you make the right decisions when buying used cars in Richmond – no matter how long it has been since you last bought a used car:

Research financing options

Many of our customers are aware that there are financing options that are available for some used car customers. However, they often believe that these options will not apply to them either because they have bad credit or simply don’t know about what the options entail. We’re happy to let all of our customers know that we provide financing opportunities for all of our customers, including those customers with good and bad credit. There are many financing options that our customers may also be able to take advantage of, such as used car loans, trade-in opportunities, and special programs. Contact us for details.

Research the market

Especially if it has been awhile since you last bought a car, it’s important that you take time to research which options are available in the marketplace. These options will help you to determine what features come with used cars in Delta, how you can best use those used cars for your specific needs, and more. Contact us to test drive any of the used cars on your short-list or visit our online inventory to get a good overview of what used cars are currently available and of the features included in those used cars in Richmond.

Always get a warranty

Many of our customers are surprised when we encourage them to get warranties on their used cars. They think that if a car is used, it is ineligible for a warranty. However, thanks to our warranty department, all of our customers should get warranties for their used cars that will maximize their peace of mind.

We look forward to helping you get the right used car for your needs – and making sure that you know what is available. Contact us today to get started with your used car search!

Benefits of Your Used Car Purchase


Cars nowadays are no longer luxuries, but necessities. Despite the increase in fuel costs, getting your own vehicle is still a more preferred option for most people. Aside from the convenience that private cars provide, you are also assured of your safety since you are not exposed to conspicuous people or unsafe places such as the subway or train stations.

So, getting a vehicle is beyond arguments already; however, deciding on a brand new one or a used-car can be quite taxing. There are some people who decide on getting brand new automobiles without any hesitation. There are also others who can afford to get a brand new car but still decide on getting a used vehicle. So, what is it with used cars in Vancouver? What benefits can you get from getting a used vehicle?

Price. If you want to save on money, any difference in amount between a brand new car and a used car in Burnaby is significant. Undeniably, getting a brand new car is more costly than getting a used car. In fact, the difference in the amount is largely significant since brand new cars have been increasing over time. In addition, there are a lot of great used cars that you can get for a bargain.

Depreciation. With used cars, there is certainly no fear of driving off with at least 30 % depreciation in the first few years of ownership. After all, used cars are already depreciated, and the depreciation is fairly taken off the market price.

Reliability. It is pretty ironic, but true. Used cars are actually more reliable today that these were yesterday. Aside from the fact that these cars are already tested in terms of performance and durability, older cars are made more durable than newer cars due to the type of materials that are used in the manufacture of older cars.

Negotiability. When you buy brand new cars, negotiations and bargains are big no-nos. Unlike used cars, if you are a good talker, you can even sweet talk the owner into giving you large discounts for a unit. Moreover, even the terms of payment can be negotiated and agreed upon by both parties quite easily.

Warranty. If you are lucky enough, you could stumble into used cars which are still under warranty from the manufacturer. When this happens, you are like getting a ‘brand new’ car with a used car’s price. Moreover, all major repairs can still be charged against the warranty.

Flexibility. When you buy used cars in Richmond, you choose based on your working budget. If you have decided on a specific make for your budget, you can actually get a better make or model if you can bargain for it. As such, used cars provide flexibility in decision making and provide a wider range of budget options.