Find a Wise Purchase in Used Cars

A car can be an expensive purchase. Not only the initial purchase of the car, either. When you think about buying a car, you don’t think about all of the other fees that you will be paying. This is everything from registration fees to your insurance, inspection to minor repairs. When you take all of this into consideration, it may seem like a good idea to save money where you can. A great way to get the car you need without the financial stress is by exploring your options with used cars.

Dealing With Dealers

In order to know what you are dealing with, it is a smart move to find a dealer that you can trust. When you feel comfortable with your dealer, you will be able to feel confident in your purchase. Do a bit of research and see where your dealer stands when compared with others. Not only will this make you feel like a smart shopper, but you will know that you are getting a car that you can be proud of for years to come.

Make Your Pick

After you have found your dealer, it can be a great idea to explore the selection that is available on the lot. Even if you are not ready to purchase a car that day, it can be beneficial to see what awaits you. This will help you to explore your financial options while perusing the merchandise, allowing you to make the right choice for you. There are many models of used cars out there, so after you have spotted a vehicle that looks like the one for you, make sure to learn as much as you can about the exact make and model.

Used cars can be a great place to begin when you are looking for a car. When you do your research, you will easily find a dealer and a car that will make you happy.

The Best Time to Buy a Used Car

I like to say it is always the best time to buy a used car because I can always get you a good deal. However, I also have to admit that there are times when our inventory is a lot bigger, which means you get more choices and more chances to find the car that is perfect for you. Let me share this “insider’s” secret with you.

If you think about it, the first best time to buy is fairly obvious. It happens at the end of the year. Why is this a good time to buy? Well, it is the holiday season, so people are focusing on buying presents and not on buying cars. This means that our lot is full of great cars just waiting for buyers. In addition, we are still loaded with older inventory that we want to get rid of so we can move new models in, which again, gives you plenty of options. So there is a good reason why so many people give cars as presents this time of year. They know it is one of the best times to get a good deal and a great car.

The other best time to buy is when the new models come out. There are always people who are going to be trading in their used cars for the brand new models, which means our lot fills up with trade ins. These cars are often low mileage and gently used, which is another perk for you. You get top pick of a variety of different vehicles and some great deals on cars that are going to last you for years to come.

You can stop in and see me anytime, and I will always be able to help you find a great car, but if you are looking for the largest selection, then you should consider coming during the best time to buy periods. This will give you the chance to look over as many cars as you want to find the one that meets your needs.

Splurge on a Used Car

We know that when you buy a used car you are making a wise financial decision. Not only do you save money on the purchase price and avoid the lion’s share of depreciation costs, you also save on taxes, registration and insurance expenses. What to do with all of the extra money that buying used cars gets you? We believe that it makes sense to splurge on some extras.


Buying used, it is entirely possible that you can afford a car that has just a few thousand miles on it. You will still be getting a good deal, but you will also receive a vehicle that has many good years left in it. You will not have to worry too much about maintenance costs, as your used vehicle should go tens of thousands of miles before any non-routine maintenance is needed. Plus, our mechanics will have checked the car over to make sure it is in tip-top shape.


Another option is to splurge on a car that has the amenities you really desire. This could be a more powerful engine, a plush interior or extras such as an advanced entertainment system. Instead of buying a small sedan you may be able to afford a roomier SUV crossover or a cool-looking truck where you sit high in the cabin. You could get a car that will impress your friends and family. By getting a car that you really love, you will likely keep the car longer, resulting in more savings for you.


Whatever you buy, rest assured that our customer service department will help you each step of the way. We will assist you in getting a great deal on financing, if needed, and we can maintain your vehicle for many years. We have a full-service maintenance department that handles everything from oil changes to major engine work. Used cars are a great way to get more car for your dollar.

Looking for Deals at the Dealership

If you are thinking about buying a used car, there are many options available to you. One of the biggest assets to purchasing a used car besides money is time. If your current car is costing you a fortune in repairs or is no longer operational, you most likely will need to find a car quickly. However, if your current car is running well and you’re just looking to make a change, the more time you have to make a decision the more satisfied you will be when you are finally behind the wheel. When looking at a plethora of used cars, you need to decide what make and model you want to drive. When you select a car dealership, make sure you have a list of questions regarding the car you want.


Negotiate a Quality Test Drive


If you’re on the fence about used cars, one way to see if a used car is a good fit for you is to take a long test drive. You might be able to negotiate a test drive for several hours. It’s important to be able to drive the car on all types of road surfaces. For example, a car might perform well at high speeds, but does it perform well in stop-and-go traffic? If possible, it is always good to drive a used car in different types of climates. If you promise to keep the millage to a certain number and return the car with a full tank of gas, the dealer might allow you to take the car on an extended test drive.


See if the Deal Can Be Sweetened With Extra Equipment


When seeking out an older used car, it doesn’t hurt to ask for extra equipment. If the car is in sight of hitting the 100,000-mile mark, see if the dealer will install a new timing belt. If the tires appear to be worn, ask if the tires could be replaced before you buy it. Getting the most out of your initial purchase will benefit you in the long run.

Common Mistakes Made When Purchasing a Used Car

It’s true; there are risks involved in purchasing a used vehicle. If you’ve decided to look into used cars for sale, then there are a number of poor judgment calls you should avoid. Below are some of the most common mistakes people make when preparing to buy a used vehicle.


Focusing on the “Good Deal” Rather than the Vehicle


Just because it’s a low price doesn’t mean that the vehicle is right for you. While it may look like an attractive deal, it’s still important to know everything necessary about the vehicle you’re buying so that you are less likely to end up with a lemon. Always remember that a person can go broke making good deals, so don’t be afraid to make sure the purchase is worth what you’re paying.


Negotiating the Monthly Payment


When negotiating the price of a used vehicle, it’s important not to focus too much on the monthly payment. Consider the full vehicle price, trade-in costs and leasing options all separately and negotiate them as such. This way, the seller should have a harder time overcharging you in the long run, simply because the monthly payment looks appealing.


Opting Out of the Test Drive


It would be a wise move not to skip the test drive. It is a crucial part of shopping for used cars. The test drive can provide the opportunity for you to become aware of any serious problems with the vehicle. It can also give you the chance to get the feel for the car and learn whether it is going to meet your needs.


Neglecting to Research Your Own Car’s Value


If you’re trading in, then it is imperative to be aware of exactly what your current vehicle is worth to the dealer, with depreciation and all factored in. If you’ve done this research and stick to your numbers, you have a better chance of obtaining the amount of money your car is worth.


Buying used cars can be a scary thing. The above suggestions should help you steer clear of common mistakes made by used car shoppers.

Questions to Ask Yourself Prior to Shopping for Used Cars

When shopping for used cars, we know that the questions you ask us, as the dealer, are not nearly as important as the questions you ask yourself prior to you coming in. here are some of those essential questions that every potential car buyer should ask before entering our dealership doors.


What’s My Budget?


The first and most important question you must answer honestly for yourself is “What’s my budget?” This one simple question will actually answer a lot of other questions for you. For example, if you have a smaller budget, the latest and greatest sports car probably won’t work for you. Identify your ongoing expenses and the things that are important to your lifestyle and figure out how much you could spend on a vehicle and still fit within those constraints.


What Do I Need A Car For?


Are you looking for a commuter car that’s easy on gas mileage, or are you carpooling kids and need a vehicle with extra seating? You might really love one car but realize that it won’t fit your lifestyle. A large SUV is not going to make as great a commuter car as a compact car or smaller sedan will.


What Are My Must-Have Items?


In every car, there are some things that you must have and some things that you might want but would be willing to sacrifice for the right automobile. These must-haves will look different for everyone, so sit down and write out a list, being realistic about what you need and what you could possibly do without.


Finding the best used cars for your lifestyle and budget essentially boils down to asking yourself the right questions before going shopping. Keeping these questions in mind will help you avoid getting into a car that is not a good fit for you and will ensure you drive off the lot in the car that you love.

What to Look for When You Are Buying a Used Car

Car shopping can be a difficult process especially if you’ve never bought a used car before. You may be worried about paying too much for a car or buying one that has underlying problems. So, how can you be sure you won’t end up with an unreliable car? Here are three things to look for, as you are car shopping for used cars so you can avoid disappointment.


Vehicle Damage


One of the first things you should do when you are looking at a car you are interested in is thoroughly inspect both the exterior and interior of the car. Open the hood to make sure that the engine and parts are clean. They shouldn’t be dirty or corroded. Also, check the vehicle’s repair history to make sure it hasn’t been in any major wrecks that could’ve caused long-term damage to the car.


If you aren’t the best at surveying possible damage or hidden mechanical problems, then you should think about having a certified mechanic inspect the car. This can help you avoid any potential car problems down the road.


Possible Leaks


One way you can test the car for any possible leaks is when you are on a test drive. Take a few minutes to conduct a leak test. Simply pull into a parking space and wait a minute before moving the car. After that you can see if any fluid leaked out into the parking space. It’s never a good sign if a car is leaking fluid.


Car Reviews


Before you decide to purchase a used car, you should do some research on the reviews about the particular make and model. These reviews normally show how reliable and safe the car is.


By looking for any possible car damage or fluid leaks, you may be able to dodge some used cars that are too good to be true. Consider having a mechanic look over the vehicle’s engine and parts for an added precaution. Just remember that the extra time you spend being thorough now, may save you some money later.

Tips for First-time Car Buyers

Buying a first car is always an exciting time. It is a good idea to look at used, cars, too, because you can get some of the best deals around. We offer a full selection of used cars that can fit into just about any budget. Getting the car of your dreams without breaking the bank puts you on the path to a rewarding and mobile future. Over the years, we have helped a lot of first-time car buyers, and here are some tips to consider.




Car shopping should be fun. You will soon be driving off the lot with a vehicle that will increase your independence and get you to many fun and exciting events. No matter what car you choose, it will likely be a good deal. By going used, you already are saving money on depreciation, car insurance, taxes and registration fees. If you find out you don’t truly love the car you purchased, it is fairly easy to sell and try again. Buying a used car isn’t like buying a house where there are many extra fees involved.


Come in With a Partner


We recommend you walk the lot with a friend, a sister or brother, or a parent. You can get another point of view from someone who might have a little more experience, and maybe even some mechanical knowledge. When you take the car out for a test drive it can be helpful to talk things over with someone you trust.


Consider Your Options


We carry used cars in many shapes, colors, styles, prices and models. Take your time and consider what style of vehicle works best for your life. Choose from sedans, sports cars, trucks and mini-vans. We will certainly have a car that is right for you. Your first car, like your first kiss, is something you will probably remember many years down the road.

3 Actions to Take Before Shopping for a Used Car

Whether you’re shopping used cars for the first time or need to replace your current vehicle, there are many decisions to make before you make your final choice. Your budget, transportation needs and lifestyle can all play a part in the car you choose. However, proper preparation can be an important part of the car-buying process, and we would like to share some advice that may help you purchase your next used car with confidence.


  1. Decide How to Pay


Knowing how you will be paying for your vehicle can help you be better prepared to discuss finances with a dealership loan officer. If you plan on making payments, calculate what you can afford before you shop so you don’t get in over your head once you settle on a vehicle. If you have a trade in, research its current value and be prepared to give information regarding its condition, including current mileage and whether it is has ever been involved in an accident.


  1. Save up a Down Payment


Unless you need a car right away, it’s a good idea to save up a down payment for your next vehicle purchase. Even a few hundred dollars can make a difference, and most dealerships that sell used cars are usually willing to work with you on what they require down on certain vehicles. Being able to offer a down payment can lower what you pay monthly and widen your buying options.


  1. Check Your Credit Report


Knowing what kind of information is listed on your credit report can help you avoid any unpleasant financial surprises while you’re at a dealership. Order your report well in advance, review it and then note any possible errors. The more you know about what is being reported to lenders, the better prepared you can be to work with a loan officer.


Browsing used cars can be an exciting experience. However, taking time to prepare for the buying experience can make it convenient and simple as well.

How to Choose a Used Car: 3 Factors to Consider

When the time comes to buy a quality used car, the choices can seem overwhelming when you consider all the makes and models that are out there. However, as a consumer who is not familiar with how to browse used cars, there are still several ways you can narrow down your choices. We’d like to offer you a few tips that might help your search for a pre-owned vehicle a bit easier.




One important factor that you may want to consider when choosing a used car is how many miles you plan to put on it daily. For example, if you have a considerable commute to and from work, you might want to look for an economical model that gets the most miles per gallon. Even if this means choosing a sedan over an SUV, in the long run, being flexible about make and model can help you save money on fuel.




When browsing used cars, remember that the sticker price is not the only cost you might encounter as a vehicle owner. Some buyers make the error of putting all their money into a car payment and then realize their budget does not allow for the cost of insurance, gas and maintenance. These costs should be considered when you are creating a budget and computing how much you can afford to spend.




Browsing dealerships and used vehicles online can be exciting, but you may want to remain conservative and consider your lifestyle as you shop. For example, if you have a growing family, a roomy SUV might be a better choice than a sporty two-door model. If you work full time and drive to work, dependability and safety are two factors you may want to consider so you can make the best choice possible.


With so many used cars out there, it can be difficult to decide which might be right for you. However, considering several important factors that can impact your budget and daily routine can help narrow down your choices.