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Mercedes Benz S Class: New or Used

Mercedes Benz S Class: New or Used

Wether you are looking for a new or used Mercedes Benz S class this should give you a simple overview of why you may want one. The Mercedes Benz S Class really is a work of art. Some might go as far to say that it is the limousine of choice and when you take a look at the models that are out at the moment, it isn’t hard to see why. This new model and technology really does take efficiency to the new level and it also shows that Mercedes have a lot to offer. For example, when you take a look at some of the higher end versions that are on the market, you’ll find that there are suspensions, windscreen mounted cameras and even technology that helps you to read ahead of the road. This can help you to find potholes so you don’t end up damaging your car when you’re out and on the road. On top of all of this, you also have the engine which ranges from diesel to low emission engines and even hybrids if this is what you’re looking for.

So when you take a look at the S Class for the Mercedes Benz, you’ll find that it really doesn’t have many rivals at all and a less conventional alternative is the Range Rover. That being said, it really doesn’t have the technology that the Mercedes Benz S Class has to offer so if you are looking for a higher end car that won’t break the bank then you know that this is the right one for you.

Why don’t you look into the Mercedes Benz S Class today to see how you could benefit and to also find out if there is anything you can do to get a car that is customised to meet all of your needs and requirements in every possible way. It really has never been easier for you to get the car of your dreams.

Before you sell your car in BC (British Columbia) privately

Know these things before you sell your car in BC (British Columbia)

Selling your own car may be really time consuming for private car sellers. The quickest and easiest way to sell your car would definitely be to a dealership. You will get a little less but you bypass all the stress of selling your own car. I know how difficult it might be to sell a car privately. When I tried to sell my car privately I was really lost as to how the process of selling my car goes, especially to a private buyer.

If you are interested to sell your car quickly and easily please visit us at LPAUTO or SELL YOUR CAR HERE

Here are a few tips for you before you sell your car to a private buyer:

  • Print a lien search and a accident history report because people buying your car will want these two things. The simplest way to acquire these two things is through Carproof
  • Do a pre purchase inspection at your local reputable dealer
  • Have a BC registration and transfer form ready
  • Give your vehicle a full detail before showing the buyers
  • Be creative with your ads online
  • Request only to be paid at the bank or with a bank draft
  • Have a Autoplan agent in mind before you sell

Now that you have the knowledge of everything you need to know before you sell your car, we wish you luck with it!

Knowing What You’re Getting In a Used Car

You may not enjoy going car shopping and for good reason.  The sales people may make you uncomfortable by trying to persuade you to buy a car that you may or may not actually want.  Sometimes it is difficult to withstand their pressure and you may walk away feeling as though your voice wasn’t heard or you didn’t get a good deal.  This can cause you to avoid going to the car dealerships because you don’t want to encounter these high pressure sales tactics.  But have you ever thought why you should buy used cars in Vancouver from the dealer?

There are various reasons why you should buy from a dealership.  The dealership will give the vehicles an inspection that the average owner cannot provide.  The cars that come to the dealership are usually bought or used to trade with so are of value and not junked cars.  When you make a purchase from an individual owner, you don’t have any way to guarantee that it is in good working condition unless you have it inspected by a third party company. This will cost you extra money but at a dealership this inspection is already done before it is put on the lot.  One of the greatest reasons why you should buy used cars in Richmond from the dealer is that a dealer will have a variety of cars for you to try at one time. You may have your mind set on a certain car and model.  You have driven it and can afford the year and model you prefer but did you ever think another type of car or even a new model would drive better and be in your price range?

It can be a difficult decision to choose a used car for your primary vehicle.  You want one that is affordable yet stylish.  If you are asking yourself why you should buy used cars from the dealer, you should visit a reputable dealer, like LP Auto  to get some great options and pricing.

When is the Right Time to Buy a Used Car


Are you in the market for a used car in Richmond but are not quite sure if you are really ready to buy a used car at this time? With the economy being tricky to navigate for many people, buying a used car may really seem like a strain on your financial resources. However, it’s also important to consider the consequences of not buying a used car in Vancouver when you need one. If you are having a tough time deciding whether now is the right time or whether it would be best to wait, we have a few things that you may want to think about as you start to make your decision:

Opportunity cost

An opportunity cost is an economic term that basically means that for everything you do, there is a cost. If you choose to buy a used car in Vancouver now, you will have to pay for the used car now. However, if you take the opportunity to wait to buy your used car, you will have to pay for the cost of waiting. Therefore, because every action that you take (or don’t take) has some sort of cost, it’s important for you to weigh these costs and determine which cost is greater.

To help you determine which opportunity cost is greater, we advise you to make a list of all of the costs associated with buying a car now. For example, you may have a more restricted budget if you need to begin paying down car loans in Vancouver.

Then make a list of all of the benefits that will be provided by buying a used car now. For example, you can begin to improve your credit score as you pay down your car loan, you will have reliable transportation, and you will have a solid budget that you can depend on each month. Do the same pros and cons for not buying a car as well. Compare both lists as you make your final decision about whether or not to buy.

Consider financial assistance

Many of our customers can get excellent cars when they need them thanks to our financial programs. Through our financial programs, customers can more easily afford to buy durable cars that will last for years to come – and help them get better gas mileage than their current cars. Plus, we also have a trade-in program that may be an option to help you save more money.

We look forward to helping you get the best car for your needs when the time is right for you. Contact us today to learn more about how buying a used car now is possible and may be right for you.

Top 4 Reasons to Buy Your Used Cars from the Dealer


Are you looking for great rates, reliability, and services that you will actually use when buying a used car in Vancouver? If so, then we’d like to tell you more about the many reasons that we think you should buy your next used car from our dealership. At our dealership, we work hard to listen to our customers and develop programs based on their unique needs. Here are just a few of those programs and services that may be just right for you:


Many of our customers have a basic idea of what they are looking for in terms of the used car they’d like to buy. However, having the ability to look at many different models, types, and vehicles in different price ranges is one of the most important things in helping our customers find the right used cars for their needs. For this reason, we maintain a well-stocked lot filled with different types of used cars for them to look through. After looking through our used car lot, many customers change their minds completely about what they are looking for – and are often surprised by what they can afford!


We believe that everyone who needs a used car in Vancouver should be able to afford a used car. For that reason, we have developed several different financing programs to help our customers get the right used cars for their needs. Some of these financing opportunities include our trade-in program. Others include our specials, which rotate throughout the year. The vast majority of our customers also take advantage of our loan program, which features competitive rates for used cars.


Our customers get peace of mind from our used car warranty program. Through this program, we will cover the cost to service many major issues that you could face with your used car purchase. Therefore, the warranty program will save you money now – and years from now.


It is important for you to feel confident in the safety and reliability of your used car. Therefore, we inspect each used car thoroughly in order to ensure that it is in peak working condition. This inspection helps to ensure that the car will last for years to come and be reliable enough for you to take anywhere.

Contact LP Auto  today at  to learn more about the many programs and services that we are proud to offer through our dealership. We look forward to helping you find the best used car for your needs.