Bad Credit, and A good Deal

Having bad credit can be a serious impediment if you're trying to buy a new car. Even if you manage to secure financing, you may pay a lot more than you should. You may feel as though you have no choice but to pay an extravagant monthly amount, but the truth is that even with slow credit, missed payments and bad credit, we can get you approved for your car loan.

One of the first things that you'll want to do is get a recent copy of your credit score. Doing so will keep you from being completely caught off guard in the event that a car dealership gets a copy of your credit score. You may also find that your credit isn't as bad as you thought it was. You don't have to pay for a credit report, so if you're asked to, go to another credit bureau website. If you find any mistakes on your credit report, get them taken care of as quickly as possible since doing so could improve your chances of getting a car loan if you need it. Something else you can do to improve your credit score is to make sure that you pay all of your bills on time for several months before you plan on purchasing your new car.

Now that you've done your part, it's time for the dealership to do their part. You may be unfamiliar with some of terms you notice splashed across the ads you see for dealerships. Having slow credit means that while you pay your bills, you do so very close to the due date rather than early. Missed payments means that you failed to make payments to your bill. We understand that no one intentionally ruins their credit and that it's a process to build credit back up. As long as you're making an effort to work with a  dealership and make your payments, then we can get you approved for car financing.

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