How to Buy a Used Car: Top Tips for College Students

If you’re attending college and need a quality used car to get to and from campus and other important appointments but don’t know where to begin, you aren’t alone. Many college students are unsure about how to browse used cars and find one that’s the right fit for their budget. There are many factors to examine, and it’s a commitment that should be considered carefully. If you’re ready to begin, we’re here to offer you some top tips for buying a used car while attending college.


Consider Future Debt


Before you start browsing used cars, you might want to consider how close you are to finishing college and whether you will have student loan payments. While it might be difficult to gauge the size of your loan payments, having some idea of what you will be paying can help you understand what type of car payment you can afford. You may also want to think about what kind of employment you will have and how it might affect your budget.


Research Fuel Efficiency


Not all used cars are created equal, and since you want to get the most for your money, you may want to do a bit of research on which cars are the most fuel efficient. This can be especially important if you have a daily commute to campus and then to your job, as you will probably be filling your tank at least once a week. We can also give you some information on which of our quality cars are the most fuel efficient.


Offer a Down Payment


If it all possible, try to build up a down payment. Even having a few hundred dollars to offer can help lower your monthly payments. Having a trade in can also help you save money. Planning ahead may be useful in saving up a sizeable down payment, especially if you take steps to budget carefully.


Buying a car while you’re in college can be daunting. However, when you plan carefully and know which used cars are most suited to your lifestyle, choosing one can be an enjoyable experience.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Used Car

Used cars are gaining a better reputation among consumers. Now is a good time to buy a used car. Today’s vehicles are made better and last longer. Also, pre-owned autos offer several benefits. Below are three reasons why a used car may be right for you.


  1. Gain a Peace of Mind


Buying a used car is not as risky as it used to be. There are companies that maintain records of a car’s history. You can access this information as long as you have the vehicle identification number (VIN). With this, you’ll receive a detailed report with data ranging from the number of previous owners to past accidents. When you do this background check, you’re less likely to purchase an automobile with lots of problems.


  1. Cut Insurance Costs


Used cars save money on insurance. The value of your auto determines your insurance rates. Older model vehicles have a lower market value. Because of this, the premiums are lower. Additionally, you can remove certain types of coverage, such as collision and theft, which further reduces your monthly policy payments.


  1. Drive a Luxury Car


You can drive your dream car without breaking the bank. Buying a used luxury auto comes with a lower price tag. Also, you never have to worry about driving an automobile that looks outdated. The reason is that car manufacturers don’t do yearly redesigns. This is good news for you. You can drive around in a three-year old high-end vehicle that still looks brand spanking new – without paying a hefty cost.


A used auto is full of advantages. You get a quality vehicle at an affordable price. You have access to the car’s history. You can lower your insurance premiums. You can drive a luxury car that’s budget-friendly. These are just a few reasons why people are buying used cars. A pre-owned vehicle simply gives you the best return on your investment.


Putting in the Legwork For Your Vehicle Purchase

The decision to buy a car can be quite exciting. Buying a vehicle can help you to take advantage of your life in new ways and create a sense of ease about getting from one place to another. Still, there are several important factors to take into consideration when purchasing used cars. You want to make sure that you get the best possible option for your needs. This means you really need to put in a bit of legwork before you come to your final decision.


Your Needs


Before you even hit a used car lot during your search, you are going to want to think about what you hope to achieve with investing in your ride. For example, there is a good chance that you are looking to buy a car because you are sick and tired of taking the bus back and forth to work. You may not have any plans on using the vehicle outside of this capacity. This means that you can consider used options with more mileage for your needs.


Your Family


If you have a family, it is also important to think about what your family will gain from this purchase. When a household relies on one vehicle to get everyone from place to place, it can create some seriously tense moments. Buying a used car can help you to provide your family with a bit of relief in regards to transportation. Be sure to consider spacious options to get the most from your investment.


The decision to buy a car will definitely be an exciting one. When you are searching for the most practical used options for your future, be sure to think about your specific needs. Think over how you might be able to get better results from your search simply by thinking over a couple of basic points. The more time that you are able to spend thinking over your purchased of a used ride, the better the results stand to be.

How to Get the Best Deal on a Used Car

While a used car is undoubtedly the way to go when it comes to buying a vehicle, you’ve got to shop smart to make the most of its many advantages. Map out your strategy well before heading to the used car lot to ensure you’re well-pleased with your final decision.


Focus on Redesigned Models


To make the most of new car technology, start your used cars search with models that have been recently redesigned. While the older used model might not necessarily look the same as a brand new model, it’s likely to be a bit more affordable. If it’s a hybrid model you desire, you’ll want something that’s four to five years old. The reason for that is hybrids usually only hold their value for the first three years.


Consider Rental Cars


Be sure to ask if the dealership has rental cars for sale. While it’s understandable that you might cringe a bit at the thought of buying a rental car, know that they’re often well-maintained and sold when they’re just a year old. There’s also the fact that rental cars are usually driven by business people, who are well-known to drive conservatively. Specifically, you’ll want to start your search for a used rental car in the fall when the new models often come out.


Go for a Certified Pre-Owned Car


It’s best that you opt for a certified pre-owned car, mainly because they often still have their warranties and have been checked out by knowledgeable mechanics. If you decide to get an extended warranty, it’s best that you haggle on the price to get the best deal, mainly because you’ll want to recoup as much of the cost of an extended warranty as possible.


Used cars are a great option for nearly every driver. Be sure to put these tips to good use to get the best deal and the best car for your individual needs.

How Purchasing Used Cars Can Be Better for the Environment

Most informed consumers have long known that, generally speaking, newer cars have better fuel efficiency and lower emissions than older models. They may also believe that purchasing a hybrid or electric car is surely the most environmentally conscious choice. However, the ongoing efforts to make cleaner, more efficient autos has been going on for decades now. From minivans to SUVs, many pre-owned vehicles now have MPG (miles per gallon) ratings that are comparable to even the newest models.


Another important consideration: the environmental impact of any given car also must account for its manufacture and disposal. In fact, the automotive industry itself has performed research indicating that somewhere between 12 and 28 percent of the total carbon dioxide released during a vehicle’s lifespan comes from the assembly process and distribution to dealerships. That means that when you purchase a pre-owned car instead of a new one, you reduce your carbon footprint in two ways: you bypass the polluting effects of manufacturing and delivery, and you keep one more valuable resource from being prematurely scrapped.


Hybrid and electric cars are marvelously fuel and emissions efficient. However, with today’s technologies, there are still a few significant trade-offs. Hybrid cars are more expensive to manufacture, and they often rely on lithium-ion batteries containing nickel or cobalt. While innovative, the mining practices associated with creating these batteries has been deemed extremely destructive to the environment. In 2013, the United States Environmental Protection Agency concluded that batteries that use cobalt and nickel have the “highest potential for environmental impacts” in future years. Finally, fully electric cars, while themselves emission free, still need electricity from outside, meaning their actual carbon footprint will depend on the “greenness” of the energy source.


If your car is already decades old, replacing it is probably the more sustainable choice. However, there are plenty of used cars built in more recent years that can still compete with new autos in terms of overall environmental impact.

Used 2015 BMW i8 Overview

Let’s Take a Look at the BMW I8 2015

The new BMW I8 really has a stunning design, but that isn’t all it has to offer. It also comes with a ton of new technology underneath all of that and it also has a plug-in hybrid powertrain as well. This, combined with how efficient it is in general just goes to show why BMW are one of the top car makers around. Of course, you also have the running gear which is very unique. It comes with a 3 cylinder engine and it also has all of the classic design cues that make BMW everything that they are today. So let’s take a look at the design.

The I8 includes a lot of elements that can be seen in nearly all of the traditional BMWs. You have the two kidney shaped grills at the front and you also have the I sub brand as well. of course, this means that you have wing shaped fins at the back and it also means that you have the blue trim accents as well. You have a groove that can be seen between the upper and the lower body work and when you take a look at the I8 you’ll find that this one has a tall wheel span and this helps to reduce any aerodynamic drag that you might experience

Time to move on to the interior. The interior to this car has some very recognisable BMW traits and this is very much the same with the other cars that BMW have released. You have very unusual veneers on top of this, and this includes wood and fabric that is made out of recycled content. All in all, this car is not one to be missed, and should certainly be on the top of everyone’s watch list.


Mercedes Benz S Class: New or Used

Mercedes Benz S Class: New or Used

Wether you are looking for a new or used Mercedes Benz S class this should give you a simple overview of why you may want one. The Mercedes Benz S Class really is a work of art. Some might go as far to say that it is the limousine of choice and when you take a look at the models that are out at the moment, it isn’t hard to see why. This new model and technology really does take efficiency to the new level and it also shows that Mercedes have a lot to offer. For example, when you take a look at some of the higher end versions that are on the market, you’ll find that there are suspensions, windscreen mounted cameras and even technology that helps you to read ahead of the road. This can help you to find potholes so you don’t end up damaging your car when you’re out and on the road. On top of all of this, you also have the engine which ranges from diesel to low emission engines and even hybrids if this is what you’re looking for.

So when you take a look at the S Class for the Mercedes Benz, you’ll find that it really doesn’t have many rivals at all and a less conventional alternative is the Range Rover. That being said, it really doesn’t have the technology that the Mercedes Benz S Class has to offer so if you are looking for a higher end car that won’t break the bank then you know that this is the right one for you.

Why don’t you look into the Mercedes Benz S Class today to see how you could benefit and to also find out if there is anything you can do to get a car that is customised to meet all of your needs and requirements in every possible way. It really has never been easier for you to get the car of your dreams.

3 Awesome Things About Used Cars

Buying a car, new or used, is always exciting. You get to learn the ins and outs of the vehicle and start developing a relationship with it. While new cars have the added appeal of coming straight from the manufacturer, used cars can still provide that same thrill. If you’re worried your won’t love a pre-owned vehicle the way you would a brand new one, here are some things to think about.




This is the main reason anyone considers buying a car used. However, you aren’t saving money because you’re getting a cheap or defective vehicle. Used cars often come with excellent financing in addition to their reduced price tags, so you’ll be able to drive off the lot in a great car and still have money in your pocket. The cash you save can then be put toward other, equally important and exciting things.


Well Equipped


When you buy a new car from the dealer and you want all the fixings, you have to shell out a lot of cash for those features. However, if you purchase a car that was previously leased and then returned to the dealer, you might be able to get a fully stocked car at a fraction of the price. People return nice cars for all sorts of reasons, and it often has nothing to do with how the car is driving.




A new car will come with a warranty and proof of all sorts of testing and approval. Nevertheless, cars still get recalled somewhat frequently. With a certified pre-owned vehicle, you have detailed information from the previous driver as well as proof of a thorough inspection done by the dealer. In some ways, a used vehicle is the safest bet.


Buying used cars allows people to save money while still getting an excellent vehicle. Make sure to give this option some consideration before you make any purchases.


Before you sell your car in BC (British Columbia) privately

Know these things before you sell your car in BC (British Columbia)

Selling your own car may be really time consuming for private car sellers. The quickest and easiest way to sell your car would definitely be to a dealership. You will get a little less but you bypass all the stress of selling your own car. I know how difficult it might be to sell a car privately. When I tried to sell my car privately I was really lost as to how the process of selling my car goes, especially to a private buyer.

If you are interested to sell your car quickly and easily please visit us at LPAUTO or SELL YOUR CAR HERE

Here are a few tips for you before you sell your car to a private buyer:

  • Print a lien search and a accident history report because people buying your car will want these two things. The simplest way to acquire these two things is through Carproof
  • Do a pre purchase inspection at your local reputable dealer
  • Have a BC registration and transfer form ready
  • Give your vehicle a full detail before showing the buyers
  • Be creative with your ads online
  • Request only to be paid at the bank or with a bank draft
  • Have a Autoplan agent in mind before you sell

Now that you have the knowledge of everything you need to know before you sell your car, we wish you luck with it!

Information You Need to Get a Car Loan

If your credit is less than perfect and you’re in the market for a new car, bad credit car loans are the way to go. If you’re interested in acquiring one of these loans through us, there are a few pieces of information you’ll need to provide before we can finance your new car.

Credit History

Your credit score plays a big role in the rate you’ll get on your car loan. However, if your credit score has seen better days, don’t worry. Just bring in information you have regarding your credit score and we’ll be able to work something out. Just make sure that from that point forward, you take steps to boost your credit score little by little.

Proof of Income

In order to get a car loan, you have to show that you have an income. It’s a good idea to bring pay stubs from the past few months or a copy of your tax returns from the previous two years. It’s important that you bring in all sources of income, too. This means that if you receive self-employment on the side or receive alimony from a former spouse, you provide documentation.

Proof of Residence

It’s important that you’re able to prove that you’re who you say you are. For this reason, bring in a piece of mail or another document that has your name and address on it so you can show that you live where you say you do.

Proof of Insurance

Before you can acquire a car loan, you have to show that your insurance company knows about your new car. Provide proof of this when you come in for financing so we can approve your request for financing right away.

Remember not to leave home without these four things if you’re interested in getting a car loan. This will make sure you’re able to drive away in your new car without delay